Great Southern Land

National Museum of Australia

This expansive look at natural history in Australia will cement the Museum as a cutting-edge cultural destination.


Great Southern Land explores the continent’s deep time history, its distinctive climatic zones, its unique biodiversity, and its dynamic adaptations and change over time. The exhibition charts Australia’s environmental history across four emotively themed chapters, inviting visitors to feel embedded in the characteristics of this active continent, to notice and nurture its ecologies and signature species, and to turn toward each other in dialogue and community as we face the challenges of the Anthropocene.


Exhibit Design, Media Design

The Details


The Open Collections showcases assemble objects that reveal a myriad of diverse stories about life on the Australian continent. Highlighting a sense of shared inheritance, Open Collections position the museum as a social space for culture and meaning-making.


The Baleen Whales Ambient Video accompanies an installation of three full-scale orca reproductions and paired with an ambient Audio Soundscape. The Ambient Video and Soundscape provide a memorable sensory and emotional highlight within the gallery. The video gives the whales an at-scale presence as remarkable characters whose majesty, intelligence, awareness, and sociability are in evidence.


This signature interactive program is a playful introduction to one of the exhibition’s core themes: everything is connected to everything else. The interactive consists of a circular touch table and a kinetic model of the Earth orbiting the Sun above it, referencing the changing seasons. The table features a map of Australia overlaid with illustrative and animated visualizations of natural pathways and seasonal variables.