The Frontiers of Augmented Reality


We helped EY make their first leap into the world of Augmented Reality for their Innovation Realized conference in 2017.


Local Projects has been collaborating closely with Microsoft to develop content and experiences for their next-generation augmented reality headset, the HoloLens. Using cutting-edge holographic technology developed over the last decade, the HoloLens overlays digital content onto physical spaces within the wearer’s field of vision.

We crafted a unique augmented-reality experience to showcase EY’s client success stories. The company's approach to innovation came alive for customers and EY executives alike through visual narratives that combined unique spatial design with a holographic storytelling.




Media Design & Development

The Details


3D Sculptures

Local Projects designed five original 3D-printed sculptures, each an abstract representation of an EY case study. These sculptures also acted as anchors between real and virtual space, meaning that the same shapes we 3D printed were also rendered virtually through the HoloLens, bringing the physical object into virtual space where it could be animated and manipulated over the course of a case study narrative.


Gaze-Reactive Environment

By combining visitors’ gaze data with a virtual map of the exhibit space, we were able to trigger different effects based on where a user is looking. We developed a custom reactive lighting system to dynamically illuminate each sculpture when a user first looks at it.


Position-Based Activation

In addition to knowing where a user is looking, our system also knows exactly where users are in physical space. We used this information to trigger the augmented reality video narrative when users step within a few feet of a sculpture. For visitors, navigating and trigger content is as simple as walking around — no complex interfaces or gestures are needed.