Waiting Games

University Hospitals of Cleveland

Offering entertainment, interaction, and a creative outlet to those who need it most—a hospital's youngest patients.


We created an immersive multi-user media experience in the Adolescent and Young Adult Lounge at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital that offers teens and young adult patients an escape from the trying reality of their treatment.


Media Design, Media & Software Development

The Details

The wall interactive in the adolescent and young adult lounge consists of a large wall-mounted touchscreen that hosts a series of games embedded in a fantastical landscape. Patients can explore, make, and discover, to reveal hidden elements. Combining light entertainment with a sense of accomplishment, visitors can respond to missions presented by wacky characters. They inhabit a concert scene set in a landscape resembling Cleveland, or venture out into forest, desert, space and underwater worlds to play weird and wonderful games, while completing missions.


Connections at every level of participation

Each game encourages users to interact with one another as they play together to accomplish a mission. This creates spontaneous moments of connection and presence. Those who choose to watch rather than participate can take in the journey as a whole, witnessing the evolutions of the landscape and the surprises uncovered as more players participate.

Patients’ creations come to life

The interactive game in the pediatric waiting room invites younger patients to create colorful underwater creatures. From there, visitors can head to the video ribbon that wraps around the hospital’s reception, a digital aquarium that pulls in creatures created by visitors in both the adolescent and young adult lounge, as well as the pediatric waiting area. As patients return for future visits, they are welcomed by these familiar creatures, which guide them to each space.